This is just a collection of pictures from our week:

Our kids had a lot of motorcycle rides while here in India?

Stephanie and Adah with the ladies we teach in the mornings.

Our kiddos have enjoyed playing with this little girl, Keerti, a lot! Her parents work on campus.

Vasu (programmer Jeremi is training) and Jaskamal

Stephanie and Monika during the college English class.

Adah and Hannah with the 11th and 12th grade girls.

Girls trying to teach Adah and Hannah to play an Indian game. It was hilarious because they don’t speak much English so we had no idea what was going on.

Stephanie taught Jaskamal to play “Spot It” after dinner last night.

Shere and Janie with some of the hospital staff. Dasu (far right) is the hospital director.

Today was our last morning with the ladies, it was little sad.

Monika (“Moni”) is one of the ladies that has the best English. She helped with translation a lot.

Jaskamal’s first time to ever see the ocean! What a joy.

Our hair has never looked so good?

Everyone had a great time at the beach all the kids and most of the adults were soaked, especially Shere and Jaskamal. They played non stop with Hannah and the kids.

Our week of work has come to a close. Tomorrow we will visit a small church and another orphanage and then pack up and head out around 9:00 Monday morning. We are all looking to the Lord for all He plans to do with the time we had here.

We said goodbye to Jaskamal tonight. We had an opportunity for a couple more conversations with him where he confessed he really does believe in God, but only when he is in trouble. We love this man, truly God has given us a deep affection for him, pray with us. The Lord has promised that “it isn’t according to the man who wills or man who runs, but God who has mercy.” That is all of our testimonies! He saves!

Stephanie brought C.S. Lewis’ book “The Problem of Pain” to India and the Lord put it on her heart to give it to him. He read a little and said “This question always comes into my mind.” (If God is good why is there suffering.) We told him he must ask this question and that it must be answered. He promised to read the rest of the book. We are thankful the Lord sent it with Stephanie.

Pray for our travel, my family hasn’t been feeling too well, so we would really appreciate prayer for us and the whole team to have the strength needed to make the trip home.

We lifted you all up in our team prayer time this evening. Trusting to worship with you next week! Love to you all.

2 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. I have been praying for Jaskamal and will continue. Praying for all of your health as well and travels back. Seeing all your smiles made me cry! What beautiful people!! So thankful for reading about your travels here. He is so kind!

  2. So sweet to see what God has done and what he will continue to do! Praying for Jaskamal and the rest of the people that saw Christ in you this summer!

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