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The ladies hit the ground running yesterday morning. Right after breakfast Shere and Janie spent sometime with the high school girls and talked with them about nursing (many of them are interested in becoming nurses). They quickly left after that for the hospital where quite a large number of people were waiting to be seen.

Shere in the village seeing patients in the local church.

Pray for this little girl, Shere and Janie said she is malnourished and her heart was racing very quickly.

This is Monika she has been helping translate for the patients, she is playing with her son Rikki.

Stephanie and I spent the morning with the ladies I have been teaching. We are going through 1 Peter this week and Stephanie was able to help me teach and direct discussion. We shortened our time a bit this morning because Simpson wanted us to spend time doing English with the staff, so we divided the room and several more people came and we had a hilarious and awkward time of trying to help them better their English.

After lunch and a break we all (but Jeremj and my littles) went to one of the orphanages. The ladies had the awkward privilege of being sat up front, speaking a blessing and encouragement over them and then to pray for them. It was sweet to watch each of the ladies faces as every child stood up, said their name, and their grade, they were blessed by their time with them, even sweet Hannah got a little emotional seeing them all. After introductions we went outside for a picture and jump rope. It was a good time.

Shere and Janie left from the orphanage to see more patients in the village. Simpson took us by after we left to see where they were and they were in a little church with a large line streaming out the door.

I think they all went to bed pretty exhausted last night. We have tweaked the schedule some and hopefully that will make it easier on everyone. Shere and Janie struggled with seeing so many medical needs and being able to do so little for them. Shere made a great point tonight, “Jesus didn’t heal everyone, I have to remember that.” She asked for wisdom to know who the Lord is asking her to focus on each day and not try to see everyone.

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