Ongole Adventures


Today we decided to get dropped off in the city center of Ongole to fend for ourselves for the day. We started at a market street and visited a few shops along the way. We really had no idea where we were going or what we were looking for, so we’d walk, then take an auto rickshaw to another part of town.

People stared at us the whole time, counted our kids, and called us into their shop. One actually counted out loud, 6 kids! People often mistake Diane for one of the kids. Haha. We also were asked more times than we could count if we needed a ride in their auto-rickshaws.

Near lunchtime, we knew of a KFC, so we eventually got a ride to the “mall” where it was and had KFC for lunch. After we were done, the workers invited us back to the kitchen for a tour. It is a very small place, so it lasted about 2 minutes. We have no idea why they wanted us to tour it, but hey why not? It was rather peculiar ?

I say “mall” in quotes because it’s only 1 store, an arcade, and a few food places.

Afterward we wandered around some more until we took a turn into a more residential area. It was actually peaceful and quiet compared to the main road. Along the way we ran across these temporary temples, and many cows.

As we walked past this particular cow eating trash, something spooked it and it went running toward us and almost ran into Avdon. Avdon and Ianna took off running. After a guy on a motorcycle shooed it away, we all got a good laugh.

It’s a wonder they have electricity with wiring like this.

Here they are constructing a new building, but it seemed like people were currently living there as well.

We eventually made it back to campus.


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