I have been trying to capture a picture of something that we see often. I usually see it while we are in the car and moving quickly so I have not been able to take a picture of it since we arrived in India. I finally got it Tuesday evening. Cows are everywhere and since they are revered and considered sacred they are left alone to wander where they like. We see them constantly in the middle of the road will cars and motorcycles just drive around them. The cows in the city don’t graze on grass, they graze on trash! We have actually seen cows walking up very large heaps of trash grazing!

Remarkable isn’t it? An animal that is considered sacred roams around consuming trash.

Last night when we returned to our room, it smelled like death, literally. The second day we were in Ongole our air unit went out and had to be replaced. When they replaced it, 3 mice were discovered to be living in the wall behind the unit. So we thought that one of the mice had died. It was too late to talk to anyone about it, so we decided to just go to sleep. By this morning it smelled so bad. The Lord prompted me to consider something: the smell of death is real and we live among it everyday. Whether in America or here people are dead and decaying spiritually and I am so desensitized. It was convicting. It prompted my heart toward prayer.

Interestingly, at lunch Simpson told us that it wasn’t a dead mouse, but the Indian stink bugs caught in the filter! Those are some seriously smelly bugs.

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