The Ongole McDonald’s


Yesterday evening during dinner we were talking with the kids about Ianna’s birthday. We have a family tradition that Jeremi takes the birthday kiddo to breakfast and Todd, an American from Texas, heard Ianna tell us she wanted to go to McDonalds for her birthday breakfast. Well, McDonalds is not to be found here in Ongole and breakfast joints are not really a thing either, so her birthday breakfast is postponed…so I thought.

When I came out of our room this morning, Avdon said, “Mom, Ianna is at McDonald’s!” So he took me to the dining hall and on the door we saw:

Hilarious! Todd has a good sense of humor and is sweet with the kids, so he went to his room last night, found some crayons and went to work. He also changed his phone to say Monday and almost had Ianna convinced that we somehow skipped Sunday and missed her birthday. It was rather amusing. He gave her a few little random and funny gifts this evening as well. It was a fun day?

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