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Today is Ianna’s 7th birthday, so in honor of that this post is for the kiddos. Just some little facts and pictures of people and animals and bugs that we have seen over on this side of the globe.

I realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of Simpson and Ruth’s children. Our children enjoy them a lot and whenever their children aren’t at school our kids are always together. Their names are: Swaroopa, Sam, Maria, Katie and Sreeron.

People show friendship here by holding hands. You will often see grown ups and children walking and holding hands. It is very sweet.

India has stink bugs too, but these are small and black. They actually look like ticks and Mr. Jeremi thought they were at first, but on closer look they aren’t flat but roundish on the top. They come in droves in the evening and swarm any lights that are turned on. Mr. Jeremi and I have many fall on us at night when we are in our bed. I am sure we will end up bringing a few stow-aways home in our luggage?

This bug we found yesterday when I went walking with all the kids.

We see many lizards, small and large. I found this one this morning warming himself on the wall of our little porch.

We often see very practical and homemade fences.

Wow, what a way to transport hay!

Ok kiddos (big or small) here is a little game. The first kiddo (16 or younger) to respond with an answer to any of these questions (please only answer one to give someone else a chance as well and answer on the blog in the comment box) we will bring you a small gift from India? (parents of course help your littles!)

1. At every Indian meal there are always two foods present (of course not only two, but these two we always see), do you know what they are? (Hint one is a bread, but you have to give Mr. Jeremi and I the Indian name)

2. What is the name of this mode of transportation?

3. What is the name of the body of water that we visited today?

4. What language is Mr. Simpson’s mother tongue?

5. Do Indians drink more tea or coffee?

6. What was the language that we heard Hebrews chapter 6 recorded in? And what state is it spoken in?

7. How old is Ianna today?

Love from the Bergmans to all the kiddos!

12 thoughts on “For the kiddos”

  1. 2)auto rickshaw
    7)Fronie says “Happy Birthday Bianna!”
    Madison wants you all to bring the lizard home for her: )
    Love to all!

    1. Yes, correct! The official name is an auto-rickshaw, but they usually just call them “autos”.
      And yes! Tea. Because it was in British for so long they adopted tea. During our morning sessions with the programmers and me with the ladies, a lady named Jeena brings us tea at 11:30.

  2. 2) auto rickshaw
    5) tea
    Fronie says “Happy Birthday Bianna!”
    Madison wants you all to bring her home a pet lizard from India: )

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Muffy!!!
    We are kinda late reading these recent emails.Can we still join the trivia?We are just going to try to take a shot at the food since the other question were already answered?.Jed said flat (Naan)bread and curry or rice.Praying for you all!

  4. Hello Bergmans, missing and praying for you all. Hannah has an answer:

    6. Pardhan language, spoken in Telegana state

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